Monday, 23 May 2016


The day Margaux was born our new sofa arrived (thankfully!!) Perfect timing since getting Breastfeeding established in those first few weeks is not ideal if you're having to share one small sofa with the revolving door of visitors. And YES feeding every 45 minutes it absolutely normal thank you very much.. you'd be hungry 'again' if your tummy was not much bigger than a marble and you were also filling your nappy every 45 minutes.. 
Now I hate to waste money, but we did jump into a two seater sofa without really thinking about the space and how many children would want to me on 'my' sofa. Jamie has the big leather one. I have the small one. Take one guess where the girls want to sit 80% of the time.. yep. It's just not big enough. And it looks a little lost against our big back wall. And to think Jamie wasn't even sure we needed another sofa! SO here is a bit of sofa dreamin'.. wishin'.. hopin'.. and pinteresting ;) I really love these corner sofa's but our room just wouldn't work it.

sofa blog
OK so maaaaybe not white with two small humans..
Grey with cushions is definitely my jam. DFS (below) have definitely upped their game since we bought our leather John Lewis number five years ago AND all the small female humans and I would fit on this one!!
Or maybe a snuggler armchair would be better:

*This post was sponsored, all ramblings as always are my own. 

Saturday, 30 April 2016

April Bluebells.

I'm sorry I've gone a little OTT on the bluebell pictures.. but she's just so gorgeous! And there are a lot more on my memory card HA. They really bring out the blue in her eyes, though they're so electric.

I hate to say this, since we always planned to move for the last time but I was having buyers ummm not necessarily regret but, maybe buyers worry?? Is that a thing? I liked our village, I liked our house(not the kitchen situation but everything else), I'm not sure about the small garden, I loooove Molly's school but I wasn't 100% sold on everything. I guess it just ate at me that we didn't live within walking distance of Swithland Woods (the place Jamie proposed). Until.... we found this place! Our local (I mean seeeeeriously, like walking distance local) woods!!!! How could I not have been here before!??? I'm sooooo happy. Emilie, Margaux and I scouted it out for Molly and took a few pictures in the process. 
Excuse my face, I was not photo prepared, I was playing "photo taker" not "photographed". I'm not comfortable being called photographer I'm way too rabbish for that. 

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Easter Sunday

easter hunt
I love arranging an Easter Hunt for Molly. It's one of my favourite things to do each year. Arranging the eggs and bits and trinkets ready to keep her going until the Summer. This year, Mr Bunny brought her a book (thanks mum!) and Kinetic sand! I love this stuff, it's mesmerizing. Both girls wore ears!!!! And got dressed up. They are so beautiful. I am so lucky. I can't wait for next year to watch them hunt together. 
diy easter hunt
diy easter hunt blog

Friday, 25 March 2016

Easter 2016

Typing Easter already seems terribly distressing. Wasn't it Christmas two weeks ago!? It feels like we only just took our tree down haha. (but really..)

We knew Jamie had Good Friday off for a while but we'd written the day off since he would be exhausted from his brief but busy day in Switzerland, haha. Anyway, we BOTH got up at 6am!!! WHAT. I say got up, Margaux hit and poked us until we woke up, then shouted at us 'til we got out of bed an hour later. And actually I don't feel as though I'm going to die.. yet.

Having gained a (sunny) day Molly chose to go to Bradgate park to see the Deer and the Ducks. We aimed to leave at 10.. but Margaux fell asleep. Lucky thing. Molly and I took her scooter to pick up picnic supplies and by the time everything was ready it was lunch time.

I am still working backwards trying to fill in the blogging gaps from my phone notes and notebook. But I'm using Jamie's laptop and it's stressing me out haha! So for now I'm going to just go for it for 2016 because I miss it. 

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Molly's Bedroom Inspiration.

Our first major project is Molly's bedroom.

She's our priority and she still asks for her old bedroom 'When will we move back to our old house?' it breaks my heart. I think she liked how decorated it was, all fairy lights and pretty. Her bedroom looked like this. I rearranged it a few times after I took these pictures, but it was a very pretty room.

I want it to be a room she can grow up in and change without having to have the whole thing repainted every two years. Jamie would like it to be less sugary. I was very disappointed when we painted her last one this white with a hint of pink and it dried into such an IM PINK shade. But we never got around to re-doing it and it stayed, and Molly loved it. Her main request is for a rainbow room with lots of pink. I have an idea how I'm going to get around that on.. I think!

Anyhow above is the mood board, below is her current set up in our bedroom while we get hers insulated and plastered. She's loving 'sleeping over' ha!

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