Monday, 25 April 2016

Easter 2016

Typing Easter already seems terribly distressing. Wasn't it Christmas two weeks ago!? It feels like we only just took our tree down haha. (but really..)

We knew Jamie had Good Friday off for a while but we'd written the day off since he would be exhausted from his brief but busy day in Switzerland, haha. Anyway, we BOTH got up at 6am!!! WHAT. I say got up, Margaux hit and poked us until we woke up, then shouted at us 'til we got out of bed an hour later. And actually I don't feel as though I'm going to die.. yet.

Having gained a (sunny) day Molly chose to go to Bradgate park to see the Deer and the Ducks. We aimed to leave at 10.. but Margaux fell asleep. Lucky thing. Molly and I took her scooter to pick up picnic supplies and by the time everything was ready it was lunch time.

I am still working backwards trying to fill in the blogging gaps from my phone notes and notebook. But I'm using Jamie's laptop and it's stressing me out haha! So for now I'm going to just go for it for 2016 because I miss it. 

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Molly's Bedroom Inspiration.

Our first major project is Molly's bedroom.

She's our priority and she still asks for her old bedroom 'When will we move back to our old house?' it breaks my heart. I think she liked how decorated it was, all fairy lights and pretty. Her bedroom looked like this. I rearranged it a few times after I took these pictures, but it was a very pretty room.

I want it to be a room she can grow up in and change without having to have the whole thing repainted every two years. Jamie would like it to be less sugary. I was very disappointed when we painted her last one this white with a hint of pink and it dried into such an IM PINK shade. But we never got around to re-doing it and it stayed, and Molly loved it. Her main request is for a rainbow room with lots of pink. I have an idea how I'm going to get around that on.. I think!

Anyhow above is the mood board, below is her current set up in our bedroom while we get hers insulated and plastered. She's loving 'sleeping over' ha!

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Saturday, 21 February 2015


We're having another baby!!

The first trimester was pretty exhausting, we found out I was pregnant a few weeks before we moved house which meant I couldn't do too much with the moving, although I ended up doing much more than I should have!

Christmas and january nearly killed me. The cold, our new house having no work done (our fault really) and absolute exhaustion. I was going to bed almost as soon as Molly was. Getting up was nearly impossible in that, I was stuck to the mattress. I stopped wearing make-up and had to shower at night or else it didn't happen. I also lived in my dressing gown - not the flattering kind!

Anyway, when I FINALLY got my first scan I was 14 weeks!! So we told Molly the night before her birthday that she was going to get a baby brother or sister!! She was so excited. I gave her a picture of the scan to keep and told her she could come with us next time to find out whether it would be a brother or sister. She's voting sister, and I'm with her on that!

I'm so happy we were able to tell her before her birthday as she's been asking for a baby sister for her birthday present.

She's already going to be the best big sister EVER!

Monday, 16 February 2015

And like that she was F O U R.

Molly's birthdays always end up in a huge mix of emotions for me.

Will the day be wonderful enough? Did I get her enough? Will she be dissapointed? How do I make her day better? Why didn't I give birth to her in the summer so that she can have a sunny birthday? OMG my baby is another year older. OMG how do I have a baby? OMG IM STILL A BABY! How do I be a mother she's proud of? Not just when she's a toddler but when she's a woman? How do I follow my dreams and passions so she thinks I'm a good role model as well as be present for her now? Why am I crying? Will she see my crying? Am I giving her all my bad qualities? OMG time is running out - what do I do, how do I bottle this perfect bundle of love!?!?!?!?

And so on.

Anyway, her day went a bit like this: present opening, taking daddy to work for a half day while we play with her new presents, picking up daddy to go for ice cream, seeing Aunty Linsday and Uncle Tom, new bike helmet buying, Birthday money spending (under the watchful eye of the toy Nazi daddy), cake eating with Nanny and gangan, passing out. 

Yesterday, was her birthday gathering. I have learnt from this birthday that it is ALWAYS better to have the party before the birthday because then you have more gifts to open on the day and mummy doesn't over compensate. Ha! We've kept to only having big children's parties until she starts school, so last minute we finally decided to go to Pizza Hut, then Bowling. She's been asking to go since we couldn't go to Alfie's birthday bowling. 

This is the first year I've bought a cake and not made one. I still want tp punch myself in the face for not making one, since a) they're amazing, messy but amazing. And b) it was kinda a tradition. I would listen to music, Jamie would come in and tell me it looks shit and I would bake and think about my baby, maybe cry a little, drink some wine. But damn this kitchen it's so cold and isolated and I was just so exhausted I thought fuck it, and bought one. Molly chose it and was super happy so, there's that. We, I mean I also ate it all. So there's that too.

Happy Birthday Molly. You've made the last four years the best I could have ever hoped for. I love being your mother. I can't wait to see you take this next year in your stride soon to be SCHOOL GIRL!!!!!