Thursday, 11 September 2014

Lulworth Cove

On the last day of the holiday we popped to Lulworth Cove (I know I know this is the last Camp Bestival Post), it was only 4 miles away from the Campsite and a nice break before an afternoon of driving. Jamie slept in the car while Molly and I crammed as much as we could into that hour! We paddled, threw stones, queued for aaages for a wee, had an incredible icecream with a proper waffle cone, ordered lunch from a little cafe and smiled for photos by strangers. Molly's obsessed with the seaside, so we just couldn't drive all the way down to the Dorset coast and not have a paddle. THEN it was a proper holiday. Speaking of the sea we are off to Wales tomorrow- whoo! Hopefully it will be warm enough to spend some afternoons on the sand :)

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Toddler shoes.


Molly has suddenly grown out of all of her shoes!! I really need to get to Primark to get her some nursery pumps, she's been wearing the same flimsy ballet flats for a while and they really are looking gross. But to replace all her others, I am looking at this beautiful selection! The leopard stye Next Birks will be perfect with knitted socks on our Autumn trip to Wales. And the brogues are stunning, however my most recent pair were less than £35 so I don't think we'll be splurging on those for them to only last a year if that.. 

My wardrobe has been added to a little this month, however all with ASOS summer sale stuff. So I'm pretty much sorted for next summer, autumn however is another kettle of fish :/ I'm liking Natalie's capsule wardrobe. I think I might need to go through mine and edit down. I always feel better when I open the doors and see loads of stuff I love, not bits I merely 'like'.

Might be time to have a bath and get a list on the go.. it's been a while

Monday, 8 September 2014

Weekend diaries.

This weekend was interesting. I've been working all week so I was really ready for a break. 

Saturday, was cold. There was such a bite to the air it felt like autumn was coming and I got all worried- still clinging on to Summer over here! Our park was taken over by the Parish Fate so we took Molly and the dog down to enjoy some rides and icecream. Klaus got super jealous when Molly and I fussed another dog, and he kept shouting at dogs that were smaller than him! I think he sees smaller dogs so little he gets really excited to dominate them. We then came home and everyone except me had a nap. It was quite lovely, I ate a Toffee Crisp undisturbed! Once Molly had woken up we finished the night with the family eating chicken. I think we can all agree that's how you do Saturday right. 

Sunday, however felt like Summer was still hanging on! We put our strappy tops on and decided to explore Stony Cove. I've been recommended this place by a few people, it's only 20 minutes drive away and it's meant to be stunning (it really is). However it's not the best place to take a dog, or try and have a picnic. It's only really a good idea if you're planning to go to the bar/restaurant to eat and look out into the cove. Other than that you just feel like you're getting in the divers way. We also had such a palava getting there as before parking we were advised to go elsewhere if we wanted a picnic, so we did and it was horrible.. so we came back to eat our sandwiches and go. Anyway, next time we'll leave the dog at home and just enjoy a meal. Jamie loved driving around leicestershire for an additional half an hour ;)

Doggy-man also got the most adorable rope toys as a special treat, he's already destroyed the lion, but the giraffe is hanging on quite well. I want to get him the whole collection for christmas! 

Monday, 1 September 2014

Me and her

These have to be may favourite pictures with Molly other than these baby ones.

I know I'm a broken record. Everyone loves their children! But when they were handing out daughters, I got the cream of the crop. She is just so awesome.

This weekend we went for cake, she chose Ginger this time. We're going through the whole John Lewis collection (which is ending soon SOB!) We rode a bus. We bought Wreck It Ralph since she's been asking for it all week. Watched it with popcorn and our duvets on the sofa. And snuggled a whole lot. 

Baby Molly update: She is now having dry nights! They've been pretty much dry since she potty trained, but she was still wearing a nappy just in case. So, when we ran out if them this week I asked her if she wanted more, or if she would like a special blanket underneath her sheet just in case. She asked to try the blanket and here we are- no need for it!

Other news, we asked her what she'd like to dress up as for Halloween, she's quite intent on being a pizza! My girl, everyone.

She has also asked for Christmas for Lego Batman. WITH NO INFLUENCE FROM ME! As a Batman obsessed gal I'm just reminded again how awesome my little girl is. If I could keep her mine forever she'd never have friends or a husband/wife.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Daydreaming// Kitchen Table.

I had this idea when I was a little girl, largely influenced by the american videos I used to watch at my best friends house, of what makes a family home. It was of course the huge american detached house with a large wrap around garden, two large cars on the front, a family dog and a huge dining table. Space is expensive in England. Large kitchens come at a price. My ideal set up is an open plan kitchen, dining space with room for friends and family to sit while we cook. We're working on that ha. But I haven't let go of my dream of the big dining table, full of people I love, eating good food. 

Last Christmas there were six of us sitting at a 4 person table sitting on a hodge podge of fold down chairs. I couldn't decorate it because there was only just enough room for the plates and drinks! But I had a whole host of ideas ready for next time. With the way our selling is going, as mentioned yesterday it is unlikely that we will be in a new home by December. Therefore we'll be snug once again I imagine. However I haven't let go of the table dream. And rather than worrying about the Christmas table that may not be, I'm thinking about spring decorations for a housewarming next year. So much so I want to host a last one occasion here before the cold really hits inspired by above. Though we won't be sitting down to eat, it will be a lap occasion!

On my list, pretty glasses to be filled with fun drinks. A gold and pink theme, with new cutlery (ours is mostly broken or bent, and only two forks and knives actually match!)

Maybe next year we'll have the table to go with ;)

*This post was sponsored, as always all opinions are my own.