Saturday, 15 February 2014

Molly's Birthday Party.

^ Making decorations for her party
^^The AMAZING Totoro cake my very talented sister made for Molly
^Pass the parcel- I've never seen anyone so excited and her cousins were such good sports.
^Happy family shot- I didn't get any others which I am so annoyed about I tend to forget when I'm chatting away!!

As Molly's birthday was on a Monday we decided to hold her party on the Sunday. She was SO excited. The day before I bought Molly a giant '3' shaped balloon, (which btw I'm obsessed with- when it deflates I may want to replace it with a giant M but I'm not sure the dog would appreciate that, he's pretty freaked out by the whole thing) I kept it in the car overnight so it was a big surprise for her on Sunday morning. We kept the guest list down but we were still a full house despite the fact quite a few were missed (you know who you are!). 

Molly had the best time and I think the dog was part cocktail sausage by the end. When I asked her about it before she went to sleep she sang the Cbeebies birthday party song and agreed that is had been a wonderful party. I think next year it will be hard to enforce the every other year rule so we may have to get creative at a village hall or something.. or buy a bigger house ;) I'd do it again and again for her happy little spirit. 

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

My baby's going to be three!


Molly and my wishlist for Molly's birthday on Monday. I think I deserve presents too since you know, it's my givingbirth-day ;) The necklace is for both of us (I just ordered two) because we're besties- though she's pretty keen on her paps too. I'm desperate to buy the trailer but we just don't have the space :( hurry up hurry up good fortune we would like a bigger house!

Anywho we've spent all day (in between my backache) making lists and prepping for Molly's party on Sunday. She's a great little decoration maker! All she's asked for this year is a party and a boat. She has her little pirate ship ready to unwrap now it's time to organise this party!! Remember her first birthday? The guest list IS much smaller.. though I think we'll still have trouble fitting everyone in, and controlling the dog. Who wanted a dog!? JKS Molly would freak out if her furry pal disappeared ;)

Aaaargh HOW do I have a (nearly) three year old! Though she's been telling me she's three for a few months now so.. Lets hope she doesn't start telling people she's 4 !

Monday, 3 February 2014

Fairylights for a homely space pt.2

Here are the light sets from lights4fun I've put to use downstairs (see part one here) I've hung these gorgeous festoon lights above our kitchen table but they are actually outdoor lights - and I will be putting them to good use in the summer. For the rest of the year they look so good hung in our kitchen. I love interesting lighting in restaurants and this feels quite fun considering our kitchen is usually full of dog and not so relaxing..
^^Love me some bokeh.
Last but not least my favourite set, the heart battery lights. They are perfect to go around a door, mirror or fireplace since they are battery powered. And they are also the set I've been complimented on the most!

*These products were gifted but opinions are my own

Tuesday, 28 January 2014


I might create a new board called pine porn. 
I need a little break. 
To run, walk and sleep in white sheets mostly. 

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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Fairylights for a homely space pt.1

I am so in love with fairylights. Ha. Jamie thinks our home looks like a fortune tellers shack (which I'm ok with btw). Anyhow the lovely team at lights4fun asked me if I might review a few of their sets- yesyesyes! So to kick things off I'm going to style a couple of sets upstairs. I don't think Rayna (the faux head) needs any decorating as she's pretty special but these battery lights have made our room that bit more cosy (it needs it!). It's prompting me to gut the room and make it more of a haven than a store room to sleep in.. The wire is really fine and easy to wind around anything- they'll be the perfect decoration for the next time we dinner guests! In fact they're a brilliant cheap set for wedding tables.
The next set are making our neglected hallway look a little brighter. I chose to put these beautiful roses on the rail. I loved the lights and tinsel up there so much at Christmas that these are the perfect spring alternative. And they look so nice when switched off. 

Next week I'll be showing off some new additions downstairs. I would absolutely recommend lights4fun* as they are much cheaper than the supermarket I normally buy our from (and much better quality than the ones I got from Amazon!).

*I was gifted the lights but my opinions are my own.

Goodbye 2013, hello 2014

Hello blog my old friend. It's been a while.

2013 was a naughty word I can't type.
And I'm so glad it's over.

A lot of wonderful things happened. Jamie raised a truck load of money for street children in Sierra Leone and travelled there to work. I graduated with a 2:1, marking the end of three of the best years of my life. I ran my first ever race and trained for it. Thank you to the special lady who inspired me to do so. I took a week's holiday on my own with Molly, as well as run a shop (for two hours a day, but still). I travelled over the sea to Belgium, a short break but just what I needed. Jamie proposed !! I learnt to de-clutter and get rid of stuff and willingly for the first time in my life. It's a process but I've started. I spent less money. We were given the most perfect chair. My baby became my child who became my best friend.

However, when I graduated I also discovered a sadness I wasn't expecting. It's still there. I think it's common and I'm trying.

I wrote a list last year of things I would do after finishing my degree, before 2014. I did 60% of that list. This year I'm only adding a few little bits. 

My first new habit is to run more. I really enjoy it. The one thing I said I'd never do!

I would like to learn something new and improve my creative talents this year. In 2013 I learnt to knit. This year I hope to get much better at it and make some more yarn related items. I'd also like to learn a new skill and expand my knowledge. I went to an art class on Saturday. It didn't quite refresh me as I'd hoped but it was something different.

I'm ready to rename this place. And get more creative.

I will be back this afternoon with a fun post that's prompted my return. If you're not at Uni- January is a pretty shitty month huh? 

Saturday, 4 January 2014


"A portrait of Molly, once a week, every week, in 2013."
Molly has been exhausted recently, I think she might be growing. I promise not to forget: tantrums. I will not say any more. 

Well this project went quickly. I'll save my reflections for tomorrow's post but I've decided to carry on with Jodi's 52 project. I love it, but I'm not 100% sure that I will post it week by week. I pretty much failed at it this year and I felt I lost a bit of me in my blog as it was all focused to these with a few photo heavy entries in between. I might shake it up and do them in film this year and post my choices and promises every 4 weeks? Or maybe I will keep up with week by week on do it with instax, I'm not sure. I love that she is asleep in her final photograph. A little angel.