Thursday, 28 August 2014

Daydreaming// Kitchen Table.

I had this idea when I was a little girl, largely influenced by the american videos I used to watch at my best friends house, of what makes a family home. It was of course the huge american detached house with a large wrap around garden, two large cars on the front, a family dog and a huge dining table. Space is expensive in England. Large kitchens come at a price. My ideal set up is an open plan kitchen, dining space with room for friends and family to sit while we cook. We're working on that ha. But I haven't let go of my dream of the big dining table, full of people I love, eating good food. 

Last Christmas there were six of us sitting at a 4 person table sitting on a hodge podge of fold down chairs. I couldn't decorate it because there was only just enough room for the plates and drinks! But I had a whole host of ideas ready for next time. With the way our selling is going, as mentioned yesterday it is unlikely that we will be in a new home by December. Therefore we'll be snug once again I imagine. However I haven't let go of the table dream. And rather than worrying about the Christmas table that may not be, I'm thinking about spring decorations for a housewarming next year. So much so I want to host a last one occasion here before the cold really hits inspired by above. Though we won't be sitting down to eat, it will be a lap occasion!

On my list, pretty glasses to be filled with fun drinks. A gold and pink theme, with new cutlery (ours is mostly broken or bent, and only two forks and knives actually match!)

Maybe next year we'll have the table to go with ;)

*This post was sponsored, as always all opinions are my own. 

The time inbetween.

The time in between the 'events' is often the time I find I miss the most as each season passes. Before I finished sixth form and started my unplanned year out, just before Jamie and I got together is a time I remember fondly. I spent most if my hours and hours of time being social, but in between that I remember time spent in my bed in that lovely bedroom with the sunshine pouring in. I thought that I was miserable, there was something lacking and yes I had a lot of unhappy experiences but the time inbetween was quite still.

Similarly in mine and Jamie's first flat I spent again, hours alone. In between lectures and going out I was very much by myself. We had a spare bedroom that lead to the balcony. It was so peaceful there at my desk watching the sky change from day to night each evening. I dreamt of the future with the little girl I was growing. I'm living that future now and it's more perfect than I ever imagined.

Now that the summer is drawing to a close (though I hear we will be allowed one last blast of warmth. I hope, I hope.) and we are edging between looking for a new home and thinking of packing it in and waiting until next Spring. I keep thinking of all the inbetween moments I will miss in this place. Though I don't have much time alone, what I do I cherish and as we race through another year I will look back fondly.

I have backdated a few posts over the last month, from February to July. Each noting the moments I made the effort to picture (that's not to say that the unpictured moments weren't just as important). I would like to get better at documenting the 'inbetween' moments again in some way. So that I can clasp them for a little while longer. Now that I let the constrains of the weekly portrait go, I might try to film two minutes of each week instead. Of the little things, little conversations, tea sipped and paths walked.

Recent moments in between:
- A den made of sheets. Molly and I watched films on netflix all snuggled with our lunch. Molly thought it was nice that the dog got to have a 'holiday' like ours. While I made it she said 'Oh mummy you're so clever! I love you!'
-  Two of Molly posing. I suppose you can see where she gets it from.. The second piture was after dinner with Nain and Taid, she was looking at the ponies I was so excited to see at her age.
- Klaus enjoying some quiet time after a stomach pumping at the vets. He ate my raisins and had to spend two nights away from home.
- Molly dressed up as 'Super Fox'. Super Fox wears a handmade light cotton dress and a mask dont you know.
- Molly and her cousin Will getting Klaus aka Buster to wear Woody and Jesse, K-man is just happy to lie there and take it. He think he's one of the children.
- A little trip to Hull to say goodbye to my girl who's in Hanoi now.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Camp Bestival pt. 2

Part two of our mini-break. Some are from my disposable camera (I'm obsessed with them now I've discovered that Timsons develop and give you a camera for £7!!) I think they're my favourite.

^^ Another to add to the collection of awful family photos I love haha!
^^ This bubble machine from Samsam The Bubble man (below) was the biggest hit. I've never seen anyone happier about any gift. She went through two bottles of mixture before the end of the trip.
Molly's art creations in the Art Town. We have a 'take-away box circus'. Some colouring in, a card made with glitter and watercolour pens and Molly's fabric painting contribution to a large tablecloth mural. So fun! We didn't manage to get a spot at the tattoo table though. I was gutted ha. 
^^ There was this moment, it was the end of a hot day so it was suddenly feeling a little crisp, and my muscles felt deliciously achey and ready for a warm jumper and everything was just faultless. Sinead O' Connor was on stage, which was a stones throw away from where we were in the woodland area, and she was singing Nothing Compares 2U. Jamie and I were either side of a tree trunk bridge holding Molly's hand while she walked across listening to it. It was as though we had our own soundtrack, that song is really special to me and I was just so happy I could have burst.   
^Such a magical place at night
^^ On the last night Jamie fell asleep about 10pm, and Molly decided she needed another bed time wee. So we went on a last 'adventure'. She made a teenage friend in the toilet while we were brushing our teeth (I don't think I can ever not do boutique camping again, it was SO CLEAN!!). I love how she'll chat to anyone she meets. When we got back to the tent I thought I probably needed to take some pictures of the cosy fairylights our tipi was laced with. Molly asked that I take her picture, she's pretty into posing. Going for another wee when I knew she was just avoiding bedtime can be pretty annoying, but if you embrace it and take it as another opportunity to chat and connect all the while be out in a field late at night, well it's just so worth it. Parenting is so rad.    
A little girl and her Fox Tail.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Camp Bestival: The Wagon Diaries

I felt the wagon needed an appreciation post of its own. We bought her off Amazon for a steal, and she served us well getting all our junk to the tipi and back again, as well as save Molly's (and our) legs. Moo bear is a little bit of a lazy princess and demands to be carried very quickly on our walks! 

Halfway through the visit Jamie insisted on buying those horrendous stickers as we hadn't decorated her. Molly seemed to like the look. 

Anyway, Molly ate, made bubbles and slept in the wagon. She became an extension of Jamie's arm. And helped us stay together as a group in large crowds. To be honest I don't think I would ever do a festival with a child without one. We even took apart the sides each night to use as a barrier against the wind in the tipi. And you can't complain for £34! Sadly, when Jamie dismantled her for the last time just before we left, he broke her :( sadly she is unfixable without a welding kit. So goodbye Winnie, you served us well. We shall buy a Winnie v.2 next year and we will actually decorate her.. but shhh don't tell Winnie the first.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

On moving and decorating

Jamie and I are currently in the process of selling up/looking for our next home. We'd like some more space. So, naturally I'm obsessing over decor, pinterest inspiration, rightmove and furniture. This might be the year we do it folks, this might be the one!
SO anyway..
I'm in love with this bed, it's so beautiful. And this time we move (hopefully the last, maybe) we will have a wardrobe area large enough that means I won't have to fill boxes with underbed storage like the current get-up we have going on.
These stairs.. oh how I dream of a banister this crafted, and tiles. Jamie and I found 'the one' just before we went on holiday, except the garden was in no way private and way too open and with a little one you just can't have that. But this 'one' had a staircase to die for like this and stunning original tiles. Makes me want to weep.
I am in love with this home tour. The spacious feel. Though it would not be cosy enough for British Winters, this daybed reading nook is on point.
The rug dreams are made of. On sale. I wish I had pennies, but I can't justify actually buying anything for our imaginary new home yet :(
It's all happening though. Despite a slow start of viewings, it's all happening. Good vibes this please. I'll be doing lots of homely posts I think.. sorry for that. Ha.

*This post was sponsored, as always all opinions are my own. You know how fussy I am with decor ;)