Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Girls on tour: Wales pt.1

My mum was in hospital on the first day Molly and I were in Gwynedd so we met up with one of my oldest and dearest friends. We had cake for second breakfast (I had the most incredible Rhubarb pie, I'm still fantasizing about it). And then went up to Rowan's family home halfway up a mountain to join some other new and old friends for a vegan lunch in the sunshine. I could move straight into this place. Other than the fact that I have a lot of memories here, I appreciate it in a new way after years of city living. 
^^ I want to move into this shed- I won't even need insulation ;)
We ended the day at the beach. I had not dressed for the swimming as it had been freezing when we got up, but Molly had a great time until the tide came in. 
^^ I'd also happily spend my summers in here. From having spent nights in the one on the far left I can tell you that they are surprisingly spacious!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Extension Dreams

I have a pinterest board called extension dreams. You see we were going to extend our home inspired by our neighbours who have the most incredible extension, but alas, our plot is not as big as theirs and having a look at cost prices, we'd just lose equity if we decided to sell and wouldn't gain as much space. Also, our already small garden would end up even smaller! Definitely no chance to have a swing. So I'm looking for the perfect renovation project.. I don't think Jamie is ;) but I am! Of course my hallway is still not painted and the spare room is still full of junk but you know, a renovation I could totally handle ha. In my dreams. 

Sh*** I need to do in our current house:
- Paint the hallway (two years since I started that)
- Seal the sink (a year later)
- Sell at a carboot
- Paint the pine bathroom set white
- Declutter, declutter, declutter..

.. I'd much rather just move and renovate ;) 

Thursday, 5 June 2014

My Girl.

Wedding selfies, before we went to Jamie's cousins reception.

Running around after Molly got a little exhausting, and I did think wow this would be so much easier if we'd got a sitter (we don't actually have a baby sitter and rarely leave Molly at night). But when I took her into the disco and she nuzzled her head into mine while we danced to the Killers, just her and me, I was reminded that I'm so lucky to experience everything with her, and not only that but through her eyes.

I love being a mother to a girl. I often wonder what kind of relationship I'd have with my child if Molly had been a boy. She's a tough girl for sure, she's strong, loves mud and despite intervention from other sources I seem to have kept her into thinking spiders are cool and not scary. She's also obsessed with long hair, ponies and dresses. So I think we have a good balance between dinosaurs and tutus.

I often wonder what sort of relationship we will have as she grows up. At the moment she's a total mummy's girl, and I really want to hold on to that. She's my best friend, I hope she feels she can always come to me. And I look forward to taking her away for mother-daughter weekends and trips for the rest of our lives. We're going to Birmingham for the day soon and later on in the month to Wales and I can't wait. She's the perfect companion.

Losing a parent so young has made me completely paranoid I might not get to be there for her growing up, and I suppose this blog is a bit of a love-letter to her to accompany her scrapbook. So if I'm extra soppy (if anyone still reads this) I'm sorry. She's just so great. 

Sunday, 1 June 2014

May in review

May has flown by. A haze of weddings, coursework, Birthday lunches for my Nain and my niece, knitting Molly's Camp Bestival blanket, orchid garden 'meadows' and homegrown raspberries.

I cannot believe we are halfway through the year!

Monday, 19 May 2014

Breakfast Picnic

Our first picnic outing of the Summer.
It's been such beautiful weather and I've been feeling like I'm wasting all our time at home, so at 9am Saturday morning I had a bit of a crazy moment and decided I wanted to get out and be outside. I love our garden but it doesn't exactly feel very 'naturey' looking around and seeing a million windows! 
Fortunately our estate is surrounded by fields and it only takes about 20 minutes to walk a toddler there. Molly kept getting tired and I had to keep telling her that we were 'practicing our walking for our holiday' her response was a big huff and 'I don't want to go on holiday anymore'. Ha. Anyhow we got there and I only had to carry her for a little bit. 
I've always wanted to take pictures by this beautiful tree, so that's one thing ticked off my to do list. Slowly, slowly. 
It's such a shame that in the not so distant future this area of land will be another super-estate of overpriced generic housing backing on to our current estate :( I keep worrying that we're going to lose all of our farmable land to rubbish, cramped, poorly built housing estates, and all the empty beautiful big old homes are going to continue to stay empty. It seems such a waste. Get me a renovation project haha. Preferably in the middle of a field ;)
Anyhow, next time I'd like to get a family portrait here, with Klaus ;)

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Things Molly says:

As I ended up not doing the picture a week every week, I have been trying my best to note down phrases and memories to 'promise not to forget'. I thought these pictures captured Molly at three very well. Independently going 'on holiday' with her suitcase full of bracelets, coins and hair ties on her 'cowboy' Steed.

Some of my notes on my phone:

I really appreciate Molly's love for sandwiches, it rivals my own.

Last night was a fairy tale, singing and dancing with microphones around her bedroom.

Calling klaus a 'Rolley-polley sausage'. 'Doggy and I are havin' a 'nuggle' and 'Awwwh he's so nice he's so sweet!'

The way she says 'I tried my best' when she does a wee on the potty.

The way she 'swims' past me in the bath, and pats my tummy.

The way she tries to sing 'gee ceffyl' in welsh. It's more like 'hee haval'.

'Look Mummy, look at our sweet boys!' (Jamie and Klaus were asleep on the floor)

Upon asking Molly what sticker she would like: 'Would you like a star Molly?' 'No, I'll have a spider.'

When I put sweetcorn in a pan: 'Bravo Mummy'. 

'Alfie was playing with me. He's so kind.'

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Happy Birthday Taid.

Last year we celebrated Taid's birthday with a dinner and a walk in the woods, this year we did the same. The weather was similar, and Molly's 'wild' came out as before. These woods have a lot of family history, I love adding to that with each visit. 
Also, how much has Molly grown in a year!? From wild toddler to wild girl. What an amazing transformation!
I took some videos.. I'll make a little clip when I have time.